4 Reasons you should create a Facebook Business Page

Facebook allows us to build a designated Business Page and what’s more, its free. They give you a template to download your business information and create a business profile. This allows customers to find out about your brand and engage with you.

Facebook recently announced that there are currently 40 million Business Pages which are active.

• Having this knowledge it is a reasonable assumption that many small businesses would shun the effort of creating a web site and come to rely on the access of Facebook with a user base the size of China.

• A business page does however has its limits. Fine, somebody Likes your page and shows interest but that is far as they could go in the short term.

• Visitors will grow tired of your post and Facebook will see this and take your posts out of previously engaged customers News Feeds.

• With a Facebook page it is limited when it comes to Brand Control and will not give you the total Brand experience like a website.


Have you heard of Facebook Ads

Facebook ads were then introduced to resolve this problem based on customers demographics, age, gender, location and buying habits. The various types of ads include:As on September 2018, more than 2.2 billion people were using Facebook. This has allowed Facebook to be a major marketing platform for a wide range of businesses, however with a changing Facebook algorithm it became difficult to engage with your target audience.

• Video ads show your team or brand in action which is impressionable and dynamic.

• Carousel ads consist of a group of revolving images showcasing your products or services, highlighting the benefits of your products.

• Slideshow ads. Used in online shopping especially.they can be combined with videos.

• Collection ads specifically geared towards mobile devices on which customers can click to buy.

• Lead ads are exclusive to mobile devices and designed to provide contact details.

• Messenger ads are designed to incorporate carousel ads, photo ads, and video ads all set in Messenger. This gives you access to 1.3 billion people who use Messenger every month.


How to advertise on Facebook

You need a Facebook Business Page to use the Facebook Ads Manager or Business Manager to create your Facebook campaign. If you don’t have a Business Page its advisable to get one.


Get your analytics

Facebook has now provided a free analytics tool, Facebook Insights, which allows you to measure the performance of your Business Page. Social Media is a powerful tool to connect with your target audience and share your brand.by posting but not understanding your audience is like walking down a lane with no idea where you are going in the dark.

It measures page views, reach and more. There are 1.4 billion users on a daily basis.



This gives you an overall picture of every aspect of your Business Page over the period of a week. There are three important measurements:

• Page Likes

• Post Reach

• Engagement

Insights enables you to see what patterns are arising from your marketing plan and what is /not working. By knowing your customers you can formulate a strategy to increase your traffic and drive up sales.

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