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Develop a unique brand identity

Creating a logo is the first step in developing a strong brand identity. Having a strong brand name is crucial for businesses to differentiate themselves from competitors. When developing a brand identity it is important to understand what a brand is and what it takes to create one.

The term ‘brand’ was used to refer to the mark that cattle ranchers branded on their cattle, and it has evolved into just a name or symbol. Brand is a vital part of brand identity and is defined as a name or a type of product manufactured by a business.

A product can leave an impression on its customers long after they have made the sale whereas brand identity is the process of shaping that impression.


Why is brand identity so important

A brand lives and evolves in the hearts and minds of consumers, hence its identity is crucial to the future of the business. Following are components of a well-developed brand identity and why it’s important to develop them.


  • The ‘Face’ of the Business

The brand logo is the face of the business and it should do more than just look interesting. A logo should contribute to the brand’s identity and tell the public what the company means.


  • Trust and Credibility

Having a brand identity makes the product more memorable and authoritative in the marketplace. A brand that establishes and maintains the face consistently, develops credibility amongst competitors and trust among the customers.


  • Advertising Impressions

A brand identity is a template of everything that would be included in an advertisement for the business. A brand with a face and credibility is prepared to promote itself and make an impression on buyers.


  • Company’s Mission

When creating a brand identity, it is giving the company something to stand for along with a purpose.


  • Generating New Customers and captivating existing ones

A brand identity attracts people who agree with what the brand has to offer. But once the potential customers become customers the same brand identity gives a sense of belonging. A good product may generate customers but a good brand generates advocates.

If you want your business to become recognized, there are certain steps to be followed:


  • Research the audience, value proposition and competition

Learning what the audience wants from a business in the industry it is important to create a brand customers will appreciate. Knowing the difference between a company and their competitor is imperative in developing a successful brand.

Keeping an eye on the competitors will educate the company about which branding techniques are working well. A mission statement describes a businesses’ purpose, vision and goals and helps create a personality for a brand.


  • Design the Logo and Template

Logo is a very important element in the branding process and is the most recognizable part of the brand. The company’s product, packaging and presenting of the services are important elements in the brand identity. Creating the correct colour palette is a way to enhance the brand identity.

It provides variety and creates unique designs for the company while maintaining brand identity. Creating templates helps the company become more unified, credible and professional.


  • Integrate Language to connect

The most successful way to accomplish a brand is by providing quality content. Using language that matches the brand personality is very important. The language used for the brand will be integrated throughout the business hence it is important to conduct a single tone to match the personality.


  • Monitor brand to maintain identity

Using Google Analytics, surveys, social media discussions etc in monitoring the brand and getting a sense of how people communicate and interact with the brand. This will help in implementing changes and correct a mistake or improve the brand identity.


Creating a memorable brand requires a consistent use of colour, images, types and language. It is worth maintaining the above as the customer will recognize the brand and what it stands for.

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