Developing the perfect brand name for your business

A brand identity is how a company wants its name, style, logo, design and other visual elements to be recognized by the consumers. The components are created by the company for the brand, and as a result brand identity design reflects the way an organization wants the audience to perceive the brand in the market.

The brand identity design services should meet the purpose and objectives of the company, meet the needs of the target market, define the key brand characteristics along with highlighting the benefits of the products associated with the brand.

Some companies begin this process by completing a creative brief with details about the company’s vision, target audience, objective and key ideas and thoughts. Some branding services also use mood boards in addition to creating a creative brief. These tools help them define the brand identity design strategy while adjusting it for the new markets.

Stand out with a memorable brand name

A brand name provides potential customers with information about the product or service and can also help them form an immediate impression about the brand.

If a brand name is carefully selected, it differentiates an organization’s product and service from its competitors as well as sending out a strong message about the organization’s marketing position.

A brand name should be precise, simple, easy to spell, pronounce, remember, easy to adapt, non-offensive and legally available to use.  Organizations have various methods of finding the right brand name.

One approach is by inventing a new name like Kodak which was deemed to be easy to pronounce and was non-offensive in the company’s target markets.

Another strategy  is to use a name that can be translated into different languages such as Mr.Clean which is also known as Maestro Limpio(Mexico), Monsieur Propre (France) etc. Stakeholders benefit from the insights and guidance of individuals who are fluent in the international markets’s culture and language.

Following are a few steps for how to select a name for branding services and business rebranding services.


  • Research brands name in use

It is important to know which brand names are currently being used in the market while evaluating the effectiveness of these brand names.


  • Identify product or service characteristics

Discover how the product or service is represented in the market. Identify the traits of the products that differentiates it from the competitors and how it would convince consumers to purchase it over the competitors.


  • Identify organizational characteristics

Identify how the organization is represented in the market. Recognized the personality traits of the organization that would resonate with the target market.


  • Create buzz words

Creating a list of words and phrases that can be associated with characteristics and personality of the product and organization is important.


  • Envision the brand name

Imagine how the list of phrases and words would look on a billboard sign or the products packaging. Create graphic images and print typefaces for enhancing the appearances of the phrases. It is important to reduce the list of words and phrases down to only the most effective and captivating ones.


  • Test possible brand names

Once the list is reduced to 10-15 names, test the reactions of the names through surveys and focus groups.


  • Check the availability of use

Once the few names are selected, check whether the names are available for use, or are they already being used by other organizations?, this can be done through a trademark search.

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