Digital evolution: Why businesses branding should keep up with technology

Why businesses branding should keep up with technology *The internet and its use *The internet and its users *The internet and your business *Online marketing made easier

Wherever you going in the world today you cannot escape technology. It’s all around us from how we travel to where we work. It has grown into a revolution which will continue to evolve as long as there are humans. It’s in our DNA to keep moving forward.

Technology continues to improve and advance. Take The Apple computer, it was the latest and greatest yesterday, but is old and past it today. Like day and night , technology does not stand still for anybody and if you don’t keep up you will be left in the dust.


Falling Behind

Nearly all businesses and individuals are connected to the internet through their laptops, tablets and smart phones. They are also connected through Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and many have their own website.

Astonishingly there are over three billion people on the internet every day and as a business its imperative that you keep up to date on todays technology. It would be wise to research what is coming up in the technical world such as Apple. Every six months they have a major launch such as the new iPhone.



Innovation has contributed to companies streamlining and reduce the necessity for paper files. Digital Office systems, contact management and cloud servers are now instrumental in protecting clients confidential information. Businesses today are embracing new technology and becoming much more competitive. It is essential to have a good knowledge of advancing technologies in order to be visual to your consumers and to stay ahead of your competition.


Online Marketing Made Easier

By enhancing new technology  businesses have now easy access to online marketing through electronic devices and the internet. Businesses use digital channels, for example, social media, emails, and their own websites to engage with their target audience.

Marketing has always been about connecting with customers in th right place at the right time, which means finding the majority of prospects and customers already using the internet.

  • Blogging can generate leads by posting good quality and informative copy.
  • Creating links through social media platforms can drive your customers to your website thus increasing sales.
  • By creating an email campaign will entice your customers to ask for more information. Making special offers and running promotions through an email campaign will be anther funnel to drive customers to your website.


Digital online marketing is still increasing among adults by 5% over the last three years. Peoples shopping habits have turned towards online shopping making offline shopping less effective.


Social Media

Businesses today need to keep abreast of the technical side of brand marketing and social media plays a major part of this strategy. This drives traffic to your site and creates interest and leads to your business.


Automation Advertising

There are many new programs that allows you to automate your adverting schedule which cuts out the repetitive nature of the task such as;

  • Campaign tracking
  • Updating contact lists
  • Scheduling Social Media Posts
  • Email campaigns / newsletters

Digital marketers are responsible for brand awareness and growing leads through digital channels, including social media, the companies website, SEO rankings, email, and the companies blog.

Smart phones are an integral part of todays business technology. Consumers connecting with your company through mobile phones  need to have a positive experience so your website design is vitally important as it acts as your shop front. Like any shop it has to be enticing to enter. Once the customer has connected they expect top notch service and a site thats easy to navigate.

Like flicking through a magazine you images have to have impact and be relative to your business followed by A Call To Action.

Having a knowledge of the latest technologies is a huge advantage and keeps you ahead of your competition.

Are you keeping up with the Digital evolution?

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