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Digital revolution: Why speed matters in marketing

1. Time is important for your audience

2. Time is important for your business

3. Time can be saved with the help from the experts

Time is important for your Audience
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Time doesn’t stand still for no man, how true, especially for internet users. When marketing for your target audience time is an essential element to your strategy. 

It is extremely frustrating when a website or search on Google does not download. Many users will only wait 2 seconds, especially mobile phone users, of which nearly 60% web searches originate from phones where speed is a requirement.

Many of us use eCommerce for online sales so retailers should be frequently improving their download speed to have a continued success.


Is your bounce rate too high

Bounce rates are when your prospects visit your site and it is either too slow or not interesting so they bounce off and disappear. According to Kissmetrics a one second delay in page response could end up in a seven percent reduction in conversations. This could result in an eCommerce site loosing $ 2.5million in sales annually.

You should be aware of your mobile speed by using Google’s mobile website speed testing tool which will show your mobile speed as well as giving recommendations.


Greater Success Improve Mobile Speed

In todays technical world we expect information instantly, at the press of a button. If we do not get this we move on to the next search. If your web site is slow, now is the time to review it and adjust accordingly.


Time saved with help of experts

When you are starting out on a new business venture you have a long list of to do’s, realistically it is impractical for you to attempt all of them, especially if you have little experience.

There are many simple free templates for websites which are simple to set up. Why not look on the internet and see how similar businesses have set up their web. Is it attractive, informative and easy to navigate.You should have a good landing page in order to convert new leads. Look for the Influencers within your industry and ask them for their advice. There is a touch of ego attached but generally they were where you are now, so how did they climb the ladder.

Don’t copy them, just implement their thoughts and ideas and engage with them, after all you may have a great idea they might not have thought of.


Start a Blog

You can engage with your target audience and ask them what they want from your site and develop your blog style around their input.


Sharing Information

Influencers like to share valuable information in their blogs, so share your information with them. However if your content is not interesting or does not relate to their industry or brand, there is no motivation for sharing.

If your actively carrying out influencer marketing you should provide them worthwhile in return. This can include:

• Social shares from your social media platforms

• A link to their blog in your newsletter

• Test out a product for free before you launch

• A link to their content on your website

Influencers want their audience to grow so by linking to your brand will build their following which is advantages for them.


Manners market man

If your influencers have taken time to help you and you have built up a business relationship with them – Say THANK YOU. It’s basic manners. Are you a taker or a giver?

Give them an easy way to communicate and continue to engage with them. If they don’t respond straight away or rejects you, don’t discount them.Stay in touch through social media and make comments on their platforms. This way their audience will see your comments and react.


 Send Influencers Information

It may be a good idea to send your influencers your brand guidelines, good quality photographs and videos. This will help them build a relationship and get to know your brand.

Experts can save you so much time with all their invaluable experience. Use them, someone will ask you one day soon. Become an influencer.

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