Facebook posts that generate high engagement

Facebook posts that equals engagement is a simple formula that has worked countless times for businesses in the past. But the truth is that is has become harder now than it has ever been to receive organic engagement with Facebook posts.

Audiences are not as easy to engage, perhaps because people are now more aware of how less effective it has been in the presence of more competition. More companies are fighting to grab the attention of consumers. The posts shared on Facebook need to be extra creative for the business to get noticed.

Below are few Facebook post ideas that are sure to generate high engagement on the brand’s posts.


  • Start with a story

Telling a story is one of the best Facebook post ideas as it resonates with the audiences. The brand can start by creating videos that show the brand’s mission. A short one on one interview with the CEO will be great especially if they can talk about why the brand’s mission is important to the company.

By doing this it will establish an emotional connection with the audience. The brand can tell stories not just about the business but about their life as well. People will first relate and then react, that’s what they are looking for.


  • Build the brand

Building the brand is the goal of the company, so they might as well show what it is all about. They can do this by making sure that the brand’s logo and colours are prominent in the posts. The logo should be unique and should stand out from the others. Then the colours should be present and prominent in most of the posts.


  • Post what is trending

It is important to post about trending topics as it is actually rewarded by the news feed algorithm. The company can find topics that their audiences are likely to be interested in or talk about. By posting content around it, they have an opportunity to interact with the audiences by asking questions and responding to comments.


  • Time the Posts

Timing is very important when it comes to posting on Facebook. The brand wants to be accurate and find out when their specific fans are online, then can use tools like Facebook Audience insights which track user interactions.

Facebook audience insights helps the brand decide on the best time of the day to post, the best day of the week for the post and what kind of content is most popular.

Peak hours are not the best time to post. With so many businesses competing for a spot on Facebook news feed during peak hours, it can be hard to get engagement if they are posting all at the same time.


  • Change profile and cover photos

The brand should change their profile picture and cover photo on a regular basis. By changing the images, the brand is able to keep their page, audiences and followers up to date. It is important that the profile pictures always feature or at least incorporate the brand’s logo and the cover photo gives more room for the brand to be creative.


  • Share what’s on the mind

Facebook is already saturated with so many sales related posts. Try sharing what’s on the mind for the day and see if the audiences respond. Take the opportunity as a small to mid-sized business to share the thoughts of the audience behind the logo.

The brand will be surprised at how interested people are to connect and engage with business owners and staff, not just the product and services.


  • Repost Viral Photos

Posting viral photos from the web is a great option for the business if they run out of Facebook post ideas. This type of content is easy enough to find and includes memes, funny photos and quotes. Find a viral photo that is relevant to the company and repost it as one of the effective Facebook post ideas the brand can rely on for engagement.


  • Take the audience behind the scenes

Behind the scene videos or images will help humanize the brand. It is also an excellent way to connect with the audience or potential customers. The brand can show the followers what it is like inside the workplace on a normal day. This will make them feel like the brand is giving them an exclusive sneak peak.

This is an essential part of building the brand community. By posting these photos, the company can emphasize the uniqueness of the brand and how it stands apart from the competitors.


  • Ask Questions

The brand can ask their audiences questions and give them a direct call to action to engage with the content. Include questions that are relevant to the target audience that the brand knows they would want to answer in comments on the post. This is a sure way to increase engagement.


  • Create Original images

Posting original images helps to make the page unique and it a great addition to the brand’s Facebook post ideas. The brand can create their own images using various tools or hire a professional graphic designer to create images for the brand.


  • Get Personal

Promoting the brand should not be everything. Adding a little personal touch will be helpful. Get personal by introducing the company’s employees and everyone that makes the company possible to the audience.

Post photos of employees while at work and enjoying what they are doing, or post images of happy customers who love and enjoy the products or services.


  • Offer Promotions

Sometimes a good sale or promotion is just the incentive the audience needs to engage with the content. The brand can also increase the amount shares of the post by encouraging users to share the sale or promo code with their friends and family.

Promotions can be a great way to advertise the products and service while still garnering good engagement.


  • Post with Purpose

A post with purpose can provide immense value to consumers and audiences. Posts with purpose should include tips, tutorials, industry-related news or content, industry- related photos and niche related opinions.  If the brand’s target audience finds value in the posts, they are more likely to like it and share it.


  • Be creative with the posts descriptions

Avoid reusing redundant headlines from the brand blogs and previous content. The posts will go unnoticed if the audience is starting to read the same captions more than once. To get creative with the post descriptions, the brand could try using a witty tone, or use a hook that leaves them wanting to read more on the blog.


  • Post frequently

The right frequency for posting should be about once or twice a day but some of the most successful pages on Facebook post than a dozen times a day. The more times the brand posts on Facebook the more opportunity to have an increase in engagement.


  • Post Inspirational Quotes and Videos

Audiences seem to connect with inspirational quotes. The quotes uplift the audience and are a great way to connect with them and create a positive feeling towards the brand. Posting videos is also one of the best decisions a brand can make as far as Facebook post ideas are concerned.

Videos are trending, hot and have proven track record in increasing the engagement rate. With more than eight billion videos watched on Facebook on a daily basis, it’s hard to argue against its success as a medium.

Additionally videos perform better than static images 9 out of 10 times when it comes to engagement.


  • Boost the posts

The most reliable and fruitful of all Facebook post ideas is to boost the posts. Boosting the posts means putting advertising budget behind the post to increase the reach and engagement. No matter what Facebook post ideas the brand has and uses, boosting the posts will help in seeing more engagement on the posts.

The reason is because boosting the posts extends the reach of the people who actually view the posts, and Facebook shows the post to the people who are likely to engage based on their past engagement history.


  • Post Audience Challenges

One way to drive engagement is to invite the audiences to take part in challenges. This often involves having a call to action for the audience in exchange for something the brand can give them.

The reward on the brand’s part can include a discount, a freebie, a repost onto their social media page etc. This gives the audience an incentive to specifically engage with the posts.


  • Use Hashtags in the Posts

The brand can use hashtags in all of their Facebook posts ideas to get more engagement. Hashtags are clickable, searchable words that the audience search around certain subjects and topics. Using them in the posts can help the posts get extra reach and therefore extra engagement.


  • Post Awards or Nominations

An award or even a nomination is a great way to boost the brand’s reputation. It emphasizes the fact that the brand is among the best in the field. As for the audience, they will see that the brand really knows what they are doing and that they can trust the brand.


With the help of the above Facebook post ideas it can help the brand increase engagement among the audience and help in getting started with increasing the likes, shares and comments.

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