How does poor communication impact your business

  1. Workplace stress
  2. Expectations not met
  3. Low employee morale
  4. Disappointed Customers

In todays world of competitive business everybody is trying to stay ahead of the game causing stress in the workplace. Stress can result in customer service issues, such as complaints, and a possible loss of customers. Communication can also be a source of stress if the line of communication is weak when departments are not working together.

Stress can be a major cause of absenteeism and ill health. Employees may attend work but are unable to communicate efficiently. This may have a detrimental effect on the business due to lack of resources and the lack of knowledge and experience if another employee has to step in.

If the employees are stressed, they can be irritable and withdrawn which can have a knock on effect on the remaining workforce. This could result in low moral, lack of motivation and staff turnover, which echoes the communication efficiency within and externally projecting a negative atmosphere in the company.

If a company recognizes the early signs of stress they can have a support system in place to prevent the effects spreading through the business. This can be done through stress management training aimed at business owners , directors and managers. Tackling employees concerns and taking action at an early stage can have a huge effect on communication throughout the company.

If employee expectations go wrong the atmosphere can become toxic and the tension grows resulting in employees forming alliances which have a negative impact on the business. Of course it does not have to be like this.

Good communication can create a friendly atmosphere resulting in a positive and productive workforce who can then concentrate on what they do best.

I worked as a teacher in Asia and many times the students, known as ‘customers’ would voice their opinions on fellow teachers, for instance, they would protest, saying, ‘ If he doesn’t leave we will not come back!’ A bit harsh but it caused bad communication and complete lack of trust. Expectations were low among teachers as a result. Yes the teacher left.

Keeping a happy line of communication results in higher expectations and contributes to an atmosphere of positivity. Instead of concentrating on what is going wrong and trying to find an answer, Bill Baren, ( Bill Baren Coaching. San Francisco) suggests approaching it in a positive manner. ‘What is going right’ and how to develop this strategy. As a result productivity and motivation increased dramatically.

Investing in long term employee moral is important if you want to maintain sustainable success in business. Having low moral will effect productivity, performance and harmony within the workplace so understanding this will allow your business to have the chance of reversing these trends.

Trust is essential in a working relationship and if this is an issue and employees don’t trust management their performance will be negative.

To rectify this, good communication and action will be more positive. Having meetings and  keeping employees up to date with the latest developments, company performance and future plans, will not only engage the workforce, but install a degree of trust.

Moral can be effected if you feel you are not being included in the team and your not being appreciated, however small your job maybe.

Management needs to operate outside the confines of the office and engage in team building activities and promote encouragement and recognition.

Changing the work environment will help the employees appreciate the benefits of working together.

Repetitive tasks does not encourage motivation which is needed to keep moral high, so they need an objective to stay. Everyone likes recognition so run an ‘employee of the month’ on Instagram with a great image or have an internal Recognition Programme. Both will be a positive move and increase moral.

Poor communication will result in disappointed customers. There is a need to continuously make a long lasting impression on a consistent basis.

Customers are always judging businesses through their brands, products and services.

If a customer has a negative experience, for example, being frustrated and not listened too. Recently a customer phoned to complain to an energy company and was kept waiting for 72 minutes. This was because the company made money from longer phone calls. Don’t worry they were heavily fined.

The corner stone of any successful business is good, efficient, and consistent customer service.  An easy to navigate telephone answering system will go alon way to a pleasant customer experience. We have all been through – press 1 for_____ press three for ______ press two for _______ etc. etc. How frustrating and utterly ridiculous.

Outward facing media, for instance, website, landing pages and social media platforms need reviewing on a regular basis as this is where your customers will be and are visiting. If they have a bad experience, such as, broken links, spelling mistakes and inaccuracies  they will walk away and your Bounce Rate will skyrocket.

Make your platforms easy to navigate and engaging so your customers will become regular visitors through good communication.

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