Is buying followers from Instagram a good strategy

Like anything in life that is successful it does not happen overnight and it takes hard work and perseverance.

It is the same with building a social media presence especially Instagram. So buying followers can be a foolhardy exercise. So why do people do it.

When people view a site they see how many followers they have, so the more they have more people will follow. But this takes time, so buying followers may get more people to check out your brand and many people judge Instagram by numbers not by quality.


Why engagement is not guaranteed

If it looks too good to be true it generally is. So by buying numbers, followers wont ‘ Like’ any of your posts and wont leave any comments and as Instagram is all about engagement people will see straight away that the account is not real, in fact it will be a Fake account.

This will expose you and viewers will not trust you and they will not follow your brand.

Imagine hiring an influencer and eventually you notice you are not getting any results and you see the influencers profile only to discover that he has being buying leads, would you trust them again? No you would not!

What is more important, having quality numbers,150 followers, or 1000 fake followers with no comments.


Finding a loyal audience

Finding a loyal audience takes time and dedication, engagement and hard work, so how do you build a loyal following?

Like any platform on social media its about getting to know your audience, engage with them and share quality content. There are a few tips to grow more followers:

• Create a clear strategy

• Share your Instagram account with other communities

• Use relevant hashtags

• Follow other related followers

• Tag your location

• Consider Instagram advertising


Share appealing content

People tend to react to interesting and compelling content and that’s what gets people talking and sharing your brand experiences.

Your content should be informative, interesting and engaging your images and captions must also be eye catching and relative to your content.


Promote your Instagram on other social media platforms

The chances are that you have built a substantial following on other social media platforms so let them know about your Instagram account and share a link to your profile. Conversely you could link your top Instagram posts to your other platforms.


Follow relevant users and Influencers

By following like minded people on Instagram the chances are they will be curious and check out your feed. If you have good compelling content the are likely to follow you and share content with their followers.


Create a strong profile

Your profile is the foundation of your Instagram account and a strong profile is key to growing your audience. Your profile should include:

• Up to 30 characters.keyword is important

• Keep it consistent with other social media platforms

• The only place on Instagram where you can have a clickable link.

• 150 characters to convey your brand identity and show why new visitors should follow you.

So by following the correct way to gain followers, it is important to nurture a small group of followers which will grow into a large group of loyal customers who will follow your brand.

Buying followers in this short term will gain you more followers numbers but it is false and not sustainable, so save your money and meet some real followers.

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