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Online marketing made friendlier: Your marketing plan in easy steps.

1. The traditional way of doing marketing 2.

2. How digital marketing works 3.

3. Take the easy route with BY Development

What business does not want to get their message out there and engage with their customers. Imagine you have discovered a really unique holiday destination at a reasonable cost, do you sit in your office and stare at the phone or do you start to market your great idea.Yes you do, but do you use traditional or digital online marketing.


Traditional Marketing

This is a form of marketing thats been used by companies for many years, probably before the internet existed. Imagine.  This would include newspaper advertising, posters and flyers. Other types would include TV commercials and radio.These are still prevalent today and are effective in certain niche markets, for example, the home furnishings market and local small businesses use traditional marketing in local media and newspapers.


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Advantages and Disadvantages of Traditional Marketing

Traditional methods are proven and are successful.We assume that everyone has access to new digital forms of marketing but there are  small businesses who simply don’t have the big budgets and are localized in their market position.

• Anyone who has access to a newspaper, mail systems, radio or television, can learn about your business and special offers.

• If your customers go online, they may not be comfortable with the medium and could stumble across your competitors.

• You have to be knowledgeable about online forums.

• Difficult to monitor conversions.

• Not so effective as online marketing, smaller audience and not so immediate.

Traditional marketing works in its own right but can be an effective way to supplement your online marketing campaign. By using printed advertising you can drive traffic to your website by promoting your blog and social media platforms.


Digital Marketing, how it works

What is digital marketing? It’s simply a way of promoting your goods and services online through digital channels. This is an effective way to engage with your target audience and in addition to a web site companies use Adwords, PPC,  display ads, email campaigns, smartphones and social media.

Business owners should have an understanding of the digital format and how it works in order to make smarter decisions resulting in maximum exposure to your target audience.


Need for a website

A well designed functional website is a necessary cornerstone to your business. This is your shop window and where your target audience gets a sense of your brand and your company voice., which will lead to more leads and paying customers.

You should be aware of the importance of a good web design with unique colours and graphics. Adobe say that 38% of visitors to websites. Will not stop and view at an unattractive badly designed website.

Your site should be easy to navigate and is easy to read in order to optimize for conversions. The site should also be geared towards mobile users.


Search Engine Optimization

This is a key element in your marketing strategy. If you want to drive  maximum traffic to your site by emphasizing key words and your company description, this way, you can reach your potential target audience.


Content Marketing

It’s one thing having a fab website but without good content it will not be noticed by your potential visitors.

Content marketing is when your business promotes and creates informative and interesting content that are aimed at attracting and engaging your target audience. It must be readable, interesting and informative.


Email Marketing

This is  where companies use branded emails to engage with their target audience.they are a useful tool to increase brand awareness, promote events and special offers and establishes your company’s authority within the market place.


Social Media

Social media is probably the biggest platform in tour marketing plan and is the most effective way of driving traffic to your website. It involves promoting your content and engaging with your prospective and existing customers on channels such as; Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

It is widely used as it allows businesses to reach a wider audience online for example, 79% of internet users are on Facebook.

Social Media can support all of your other digital platforms but can redirect those customers back to your website to drive sales and increase leads.


Take the easy route with BrandYou Development

Brand You Development recognize the importance of marketing in the modern age and are well placed to implement your companies marketing needs, in todays highly competitive market.

They use both traditional and digital marketing techniques and dovetail them to reflect your brand. They will discuss your brand strategy, design and conceptual  concept development, and guide and support you through the process.

They have a team of experienced experts who will advice you on the best course of action and will guide you throughout the process, right through to to the completed task.

We look forward to building a long and fruitful working relationship with you.


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