Standard Google Adword - 5 campaigns

The secret of getting ahead, is getting started!

What is included in your 12 month strategy


Our Google Adwords Packages offer services ranging from audit – plan, Advertising Budget allocated over 11 months, campaign strategy and Google Adwords Management and Reporting for you to take your brand to the next level.

You can select your package for the next 12 months includes:
• Google Adwords Audit and Plan: 20-25 pages
• Campaign Strategy: 5 campaigns
• Advertising Budget: €1,200
• Google Adwords Management and Reporting: 25-30 pages


All Digital Marketing Planning, Designing and Strategy
● Marketing Research & plan.
● We will analyse your current marketing activities and 5 competitors.
● We will establish a clear list of demographics and psychographics of your target market to see how and why they buy.
● We will develop your own KPI goals and conversions


Audit/Create a detailed strategic PR & advertising plan. Creating a new plan or using the existing plans that you have by applying Brain V’s Budgets using the platforms below:
● Google Ad Words – Audit Plan of 5 competitors and account set-up or analyse up to 5 campaigns (Search, Shopping, Partner, Remarketing, YouTube) * we will choose the right campaign according to your target market

Management Tool

● Provide an in-house guidance.
● Provide Project Management System and management support.
● Provide Google Spreadsheet for marketing work plan and social media calendar, Drive folder for organization of for all files related to your project:
Work Plan, Brief & Strategy
Branding and Design Assets
Resources (Graphics, Photos, Videos)
Social Media and PPC
SEO and Keyword Management
Research Plans and Report

Reporting Software

All your measurements and tracking in one place. Together we will connect and setup all your digital platforms in one place to make your life easier, allowing you to strategize your business and marketing decisions all through one platform. Set up for Brand awareness, breakdown of conversion, average orders and Tracking for all of the below.
● Google AdWords, search, shopping, remarketing and partner performance, conversions and all brand awareness
● Analysing Performance of the Campaigns.
● All brand awareness measurements.

12 month strategy

Brand strategy and positioning management
Project management

PPC All Advertisement & PR

Implement all planned campaigns, develop new campaigns and manage all aspects of concept ideas and designs of projects. We will manage and improve your campaigns consistently bringing the best results and return on investments for your Ad spend. The budget will be divided into two:

• Google AdWords advertising budget will be allocated for 11 months at €1,200/month featured on 5 campaign recommended according to your brand and target audience from Search, Shopping, Partner, Remarketing and YouTube

Management Tool and Reporting Software

We provide you with a tool where you can monitor your digital performance and deliver a monthly report. measure the following:
• Google AdWords, search, shopping, remarketing and partner performance, conversions and all brand awareness
• Analysing Performance of the Campaigns.
• All brand awareness measurements.

Save up to 10% paying up-front

The Google Adwords 12-Month package includes audit – plan of  20-25 pages, 5 campaign strategy, planning the budget and Google Adwords Management and Reporting of 25-30 pages for your brand to strive towards success.

● Deposit and 2 months upfront you will receive a 2.5% discount

● Deposit and 5 months upfront you will receive a 5% discount

● Complete amount up-front you will receive a 10% discount

€3,200.00 /month


We are delighted to work with you and your company! According to the package you have chosen you are offered all the SEO services by Brand You... We begin by setting up your brand and creating an audit and plan to understand your brand better. After completing your plan we begin strategizing and how to place your brand amongst the correct target market. With everything being in place we begin implementing your strategy and gaining success. Brand You will be with you from Concept to Finish! Once you have made your package selection and agreed to the price, you place a deposit for the first two months and setup fee to secure yourself as a client or as I say, a member of our team. After paying, we then start working on your brand and you can pay the remaining amount from your package every two months.

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