The 10 Principles Every Website Design Should Have

Website design done badly will not get you noticed in your chosen market, so its really important to stand out to your target audience. Is yours sending the right message to your target audience ? Is it aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate, engaging and effective.


It’s effective to have purposeful and appealing landing pages. Good page designs should think of the needs of the user. Your visitors will be looking for  meaningful engaging information related to their business.

Each page should have a clear purpose, such as gathering information so that you can build an email campaign and keep your customers abreast of latest developments and promotions.

When your target audience sees your site it should have good quality, engaging and informative copy, as well as striking graphics in keeping with your brand.

Your website should fulfill a specific need for your users in the most effective way.


People who use the web in today’s high tech world expect information instantly, if they have to wait more than two seconds in they will move on.

It is essential therefore to check your internet speeds across all your platforms.

Your visitors need to have clear, concise and relative information so its important that you have a clear line of communication where your information is easy to find and clear to read.

Your web design should take into account organizing your information in a logical way by using strong headlines, bullet points. Avoid waffle  and long boring technical details. Very nerdy.

Typefaces and Colours

Like good images, words are equally important and how you see them. Choosing the right font is an important part of designing and developing a website. It can go a long way to communicating your message in a clear and understandable way.

If your copy is written in all the same font , it makes it hard to differentiate sections of content or highlight important facts.

Conversely if you use too many fonts it gets confusing and distracts from your message.

It’s beneficial its best to pick three to four fonts such as Arial, Helvetica, Verdana and Sans Serif.

Not many people will read every word of your content that’s why you need

  • A good clear headline
  • A smaller but clear subheading
  • A readable size copy broken up by subheadings

Use of Colour

Using too many colours can cause confusion so colours must be used sparingly. Think of your brand and logos. What colours represent you, once decided, keep them consistent throughout all your platforms.

We read from left to right so by using this power of alignment to break up blocks  of text, it helps your reader down the page to your Call to Action.


It’s true , a picture can speak a thousand words. Placing the right images on your website in the right places can give you the greatest impact. They can help with your brand positioning and connecting with your target audience.

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to take a good picture.  Smart phones today have very high quality cameras and can take very acceptable images on the move.

If your looking for a specific subject related to your business there are many stock image sites such as, Shutterstock, Getty Images and Uplash ( Free Downloads ) so there is little excuse not to include prime images into your web design.

Fast Load Time

It is not acceptable today to have a slow loading time. To improve this optimism your image sizes, combining code into CSS or Jarva script. This reduces HTTP requests.

You can also test download speeds on Googles new speed app.

Mobile Friendly

It is possible to access the web from various mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets so is your website mobile friendly, if not you can reconfigure your website so it is mobile responsive or you can create a specific site which is mobile responsive. Either way it is essential if you want to stay engaged with your target audience.

Keep it Simple

Now you have the elements in place for a good website design its essential to keep it simple. Your viewers want an easy navigable site where they can draw information and engage with you at fast speeds.

Your site should be easy to view with clear copy and good graphics which entices you to buy your products and services.

Is your site attractive to your customers?

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