The ultimate guide to producing a marketing campaign that wins

1. Setting the goals

2. Building the landing page

3. tracking your performance

4. Using the right channels

5. Converting the leads

6. After the campaign.


Why Do You need a marketing campaign

You may use an outside source or decide to do an in house campaign, but either way you need to have a master plan. You need to find out what your strategies are so that you can support your business goals.



Whatever the size of your company marketing campaigns are the main tool to engage with your customers and create new leads. Many companies use marketing campaigns over a period of time to tell a compete story.

There are many benefits of marketing campaigns and to setting goals:

Increasing product awareness

Introducing a new product

Increasing sales and revenue

• Establishing Brand awareness

Growing customer base

If you want to define your goals in a more detailed way you must ask yourself;

Increase your sales

More customers

How much do you want your sales to increase by

What parts of the business do you want these to apply to

With clearly defined goals you can create a campaign where you can measure results and identify where to allocate your budget in order to achieve your goals.


Building a Landing Page

If you want to increase your leads for your business requires a landing page strategy. To see the best results businesses need to build an attractive, appealing and easy to navigate landing page, then test and optimize them to get the maximum conversation rates.

A good landing page will engage with you customers and entice them to look deeper into your business thus driving conversations.

One problem businesses have is getting a low bounce rate. Bouncing is when customers don’t have time to stay on your site because its simply not interesting. By reducing your bounce rate increases your customer base and ultimately your sales. Make sure your content is engaging and informative to encourage customers to follow your website and all platforms related to it.


Tracking your Performance

It’s fine having a well thought out campaign but if you don’t know how its performing it will be a waste of time. Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are measurable values used by marketers to show how effective the campaign is  across all marketing channels.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO’s) are a way of measuring where your company / campaign stands in the search engines. Obviously number 1 is the target. Strangely enough Brand You Creative achieved this only last week, with Brand You Digital number 2.



Best Marketing  Metrics:

Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL)

Sales Qualified Leads (SQL)

Funnel Conversion Rates

Brand awareness

Customer engagement

Marketing spend per customer

Return on marketing investment

Lifetime value of a customer (LTV)

Customer acquisition cost (CAC)

Customer retention


Using the right channels

When you choose channels for your campaign you need to make a decision based on the channels availability, functionality and ease of use.

Channels to Consider:

It is low on cost and is versatile.Allows direct response. Good for marketing.

Means for understanding customers. Providing research to insights into business. Finding target audience.

Widely used to reach customers instantly

Shop window for business. Customers driven to your site through social media and blogs

Content marketing connecting customers with business with informative information, blogs and newsletters.


Converting Leads

Landing pages are the key to your leads being converted.You want the prospects to be curious and entice them to buy your product or service. How does this happen?


Offer Incentives

Everyone loves freebies. This is a classic way to convert leads


Ask for the Sale

Businesses are scared to ask for the sale.Ask ‘ Are You Ready to Buy ‘ If they say yes they are interested and become a lead.


Create a FAQ page

Many prospects are cautious and want questions asked.Make it a prominent feature on your website.


Follow Up

A quick follow up by email, SMS or phone call keeps you engaged with customers.


After the Campaign

Now the campaign is over, what now? Having put all the elements in place, did they perform according to your marketing plan? It’s time to review and measure the results.

End results are a key metric, measuring web traffic and sales. By concentrating on your campaign performance you can see how much revenue has been generated. You should be able to measure whether your revenue has increased or decreased. Be careful , new sales are not the only indication of a campaigns success. There may be different areas of focus such as new customers and product awareness. It can help business growth through an increase in consumers and brand awareness.

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