company culture

What makes up your company culture

  1. Importance of brand values and company vision
  2. Define how your culture affects you
  3. Boost your brand confidence from the inside out


Importance of brand values

Having a vision, mission and values determines the strategic direction of a company. Without these values a company will lack direction, not only with their customers but with their employees who need clear parameters.

Every company should adopt a set of brand values that will have a bearing on the look of the brand, brand voice and what message you want to convey to customers. Without these values you will not stand out and will fall into a large pit of every other business without an identity.

Think about the core values of your business and write them down. Compare these with your competitors and see which ones that will be negative to your business and avoid them.

By offering values , such as, producing natural products and maybe you donate a portion of your profits to charity, will send a message of a caring and human company to your target audience.

People will more than likely pay more as your brand represents values that they empathize with. This will install trust and a strong following from your customer base.


Having a Company vision

A company vision is a statement of where you think your company maybe in the future. It is not a measurable target, however it gives direction in how you think your company might look like.

Many sports people use vision to improve their performance, for example, motor racers imagine the course and mimic how they will approach corners and speed before they go and race for real. Powerful ideas can encourage new ideas and energy and will make change a reality.

Be positive in your visions, don’t encourage others to follow an idea that you believe might fail.

Look at the bigger picture rather than trying to solve the problem in front of you, inspire people around you.

To get an effective vision it helps if it comes from a strong positive emotion. It doesn’t really work if you try to force it.a vision comes from the heart.


How does your Company Culture Effect You

The companies culture is the company’s values, attitudes and behaviors reflected in the employees experience. The company’s culture can be reflected in job satisfaction, teamwork and performance of your employees.

A happy workforce is a productive one, so the last thing a company needs are the employees getting involved in office politics and gossip, which will result in negativity. This could result in new employees jumping ship to a more positive company. A good company culture should project a strong support system in a positive environment.

Employees not only have a strong influence on the culture of the company, but on the brand also. They can portray a positive image of your brand, but if they are not supportive, they can cause the brand to crash and burn.

High engagement with your employees will increase your profitability. A Gallup pole recently showed that an engaged workforce are 24% more profitable.

Company culture therefore can have a major impact either way, so the trick is to strike a happy balance. Being supportive and positive will lead to a productive company culture.


Boost your Brand Confidence from within

Your brand is a reflection of yourself and how you are thought of  in the marketplace. It’s important to have a high self esteem, if it’s low, this will reflect in your brand. The answer should come from within. If people have an outside in approach to change it will result in low self esteem.

Confidence is a result of self belief.  A good example of this is Lawes Hamilton, who has just achieved his 5th world F1 championship. He oozes self belief and every time he is on the grid he visualizes his race and cannot think about coming second.

You will be successful in your brand if you have the chemistry of three things;Talent,Uniqueness and Authenticity. Passion plays a major part in boosting your brand, it fuels your reason for existing in business. If you don’t have the passion, how do you expect people to respect your brand.

What makes your company culture, do you have a vision. There are endless possibilities, the worlds your oyster, so keep up your confidence. Look at yourself in the mirror in the morning and start from there.

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