How to make Google your best friend

If you search for information on the internet we automatically say “Google It” 

It has become synonymous with searches on the internet and we expect that everything we ask about will be answered, so if there are no results the probability is it does not exist.

Since technology has existed the dependency of web based information has grown exponentially so much so that we have grown totally dependable on this source of information.

Why has Google become such an important part of our lives ?



Google has become the answer not our prayers by providing vast amounts of information through hyper links.

We expect the answer almost immediately and Google throws a up so many alternatives through hyperlinks and that is determined by the input of keywords. This narrows down and speeds up the search.

Personal Source of Information
Google has become our personal dictionary, TV, library, music shop, map, telephone and any other content we need to survive.

Google provides us with ; images, blogs, web pages and videos.


‘Your brand isn’t what you say it is , its what Google says it is ‘ ( Chris Anderson ) , former CEO of Wired.

Dominant Search Engine

In 2014, 88%of British people used Google as a search engine and 46% searched to find out about a product or a service. Google gives millions of people the opportunity to search for your company. Listed companies registered on the online reputation board are searched more than three million times a month. Something to consider when you list your company on Google. That’s why your description of your company along with relevant key words are  essential to your. SEO rankings on Google.

If you reach the top of page one you know your marketing strategy has worked.



Before Google we had to rely on paper trails, such as dictionaries and libraries to carry out our research. Now Google is so convenient and immediate that our lives have become more organized and our skills have become relevant.


Google’s Business Card

Most people searching on Google don’t advance past the front page. The Formal opinion on your brand in a couple seconds so its important to portray your companies brand image as being trustworthy and appealing. This can entice your visitors to check out your products and services or search elsewhere.


Google my business Optimization

With GMB you verify and claim your business listing. By being in this listing increases your chances of showing up in Googles Local Pack, Local Finder, and Google Maps.


Google Ads

Google AdWords is Google’s advertising platform in which advertisers bid on certain keywords in order for their clickable ads appear in Google’s search results. Since advertisers have to pay for these clicks, this is how Google makes money from searches.

Depending on how competitive the key words you are bidding for and the relevancy of the keyword to real conversions for your company, AdWords may or may not work for your company.

Companies spend many thousands of pounds on a monthly basis and the returns can be substantial. However, small start ups are wise to wait and see how their business performs before ploughing money into Ads hoping to get a quick return.

Like your company, it takes time to get established, so build up trust and a good customer base before committing.

Like it or not, Google has become an intricate part of our business lives and it has become an invaluable part of your marketing strategy.